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spiritual reality video

Spiritual Reality is the ultimate Truths unveiled.

To experience the truth one has to be in total.

Spiritual Reality shows the path.

Spiritual Reality is divided into various chapters. Each and every chapter is the source of Knowledge.

Read; study the script of each chapter.
Listen to the audio of each chapter
Watch the video of each chapter
Meditate ... more and more.

Let the Knowledge sink within.

Then, apply the Knowledge in each and every situation.

It is just for you.

Spiritual Reality is devided into 9 chapters:

Introduction and Cosmic Energy
Energy Body
Pyramid Power and Recap of first 4 chapters
Knowledge and Third Eye
Astral Travel
Life after Life

Study each and every chapeter by reading the script, listening to the audio and watching the video.

Share your expereinces, ask questions if any at: space@spiritual-reality.com