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Spiritual Reality - journey within in English


SPIRITUAL REALITY takes you through a unique journey
A journey, which will change your life.
A journey, which will enrich you and make you Knowledgeable and Blissful.
SPIRITUAL REALITY is a program on
Meditation and Meditation Experiences.
While you watch this program,
Be totally relaxed….
Just witness it…
Just flow with it…
Don’t try to analyze it…
Totally be with it…
If any thought comes, cut the thought…. Take a deep breath….just be with it…
It is just for you…

In this whole Creation, we are just a small speck.
Each one of us is in search of
Good health,
Harmony and
Overall … a happy and blissful life at all given times and situations.
Each and every person strives hard to achieve this state.
But, can this really be achieved?
Yes…this can be achieved.

All these are possible only by
Understanding Cosmic Energy and Self-Knowledge.

Now let us know about Cosmic Energy.



Contents of Spiritual Reality-Journey Within video DVD

Spiritual Reality- Meditation Video, DVD, VCD, cd explains the process of Meditation and highest Meditational Experiences like Cosmic Energy, Pyramid Meditation, Third Eye, Astral Travel, Nirvana, Knowledge of Spirit, Knowledge of Life after Life and the state of Enlightenment.
Spiritual Reality- Meditation Video, DVD clearly explains about the way one can practice Meditation with the help of the Video, DVD, VCD, cd. The Video, DVD visually explains with Computer Graphic Animations. With the help of the Video, DVD, one can easily practice Meditation at his own place effortlessly.
Spiritual Reality Meditation Video, DVD, VCD, cd is the out come of decades of Spiritual Research by the Spiritual Masters of SPACE.
Spiritual Reality Video is not just a video; it is a Path to live with Bliss. After watching the Spiritual Reality Video, if any questions, clarification is required, our Masters will help you with personal guidance through the website: www.meditationguru.com

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